Graham believes Hillary guilty of obstruction

Robert Mueller gave the Dems the fodder they needed to continue on their warpath to nail Trump on obstruction.

However, Senator Lindsey Graham believes Democrats are looking at the wrong person, as Hillary Clinton clearly committed obstruction of justice.

You Can’t Do That

Most conservatives in this country are still shaking their head over the fact Former FBI director James Comey decided to let Hillary Clinton off scot-free in her own obstruction of justice case.

Graham stated, “Taking a hammer to a phone, bleaching evidence, are classic examples of obstruction of justice.” So, if these are such clear-cut examples of obstruction, why was Hillary allowed to walk without so much as a slap on the wrist?

First and foremost is the fact Comey overstepped his bounds in this case. Comey took it upon himself to announce his decision without discussing it with prosecuting attorneys or the attorney general.

Why would he do that? According to Graham, Hillary could not win the election if she had been indicted, so Comey greased the rails for her.

Case Closed

Graham was using the Hillary example to make a case that Trump had not obstructed justice.

As far as he is concerned, Mueller made the call on collusion and left the decision up to Barr to make the call on obstruction, which Barr did.

Democrats, however, continue to push this narrative even though Mueller spent two years and more than $25 million to investigate the case.

Graham also wanted to note that he backs up Trump with the sanctions against Mexico as well as any other measures he wants to take to get this situation under control.

Graham further stated that he looks forward to Barr getting to the bottom of the origins of the investigation. He and Sean Hannity specifically discussed the fact the Comey told Trump during an intelligence briefing the Steele dossier was indeed salacious but had not been corroborated.

He then turned around and said the complete opposite to the FISA courts to get warrants to spy on Trump associates. Hopefully, before this is all over, Comey and Hillary will both be brought to justice.

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