'Graceful as a Dump Truck': Side-by-Side Views of Ballerina vs. Trans Ballet Dancer

April 12, 2023
World Net Daily

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A new video, assembled to show a woman and a man portraying himself as a woman performing some basic ballet moves, is triggering the internet.

"Arabians and a Clydesdale," was one commenter's response to the video showing a woman at the Royal Academy of Ballet, and a biological male who also was accepted into the academy as a transgender dancer.

The video shows a former race car driver now known as Sophie Rebecca.

The poster right away added a "fixed" version that addressed what apparently was a technical glitch.

But the responses remained.

"Politics Aired," said, "I'm very pleased that he's having fun dancing, and I wish him well in that pastime, but a literal 10-year-old is more graceful than him."

Sharon wrote, "This is about as graceful as a dump truck."

"Has to be a JOKE," exclaimed one person who reported doing classical ballet for 11 years.

The comments also expressed concern that the man "may have taken the position of a more well-qualified female ballet dancer."

"Miami JJ," said, "Ballet is incredibly intense. Everything must be perfect. Watching the one on the right and knowing he got someone else's spot is another way of eliminating women and he looks awful."

"You can't take your eyes off the grace-filled girl on the left. By contrast, you can't bear to watch the lumbering oaf to the end, it's just too hard on the eyes," said, "Eternally Hopeful 1776."

Another suggested, "It's probably just a different weight category haha like in boxing."

"Stuart Palmer wrote, "She's very good. He isn't."

One response simply was, "No no no."


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