Grace Curley predicts 2024 trouble lies ahead for the Dems

Remember back to the primaries for the 2020 presidential election, when you had Democratic hopefuls at each others’ throats?

Grace Curley is predicting that 2024 is going to be like that, except, perhaps, even worse for the Democrats. 

Curley, the executive producer of the Howie Carr Show, who also produces the Dirty Rats podcast and hosts a daily news segment, made the prediction in an opinion piece that was recently published by the Boston Herald.

The piece is titled The baggage of Biden association for Democrat hopefuls. 

“Wonderful animosity”

In the article, Curley predicts a “wonderful animosity” among Democrats in the 2024 Democrat primaries, just as we saw during the 2020 Democrat primaries, such as when then-Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) called out then-candidate Joe Biden for his record on race.

“This time around we have plenty of the same power-hungry charlatans hell-bent on fulfilling their presidential aspirations,” Curley writes.

She continues:

The virtue-signaling climate-conscious candidates will lecture us on global warming all while crisscrossing the fruited plains in private jets. The D.C. swamp creatures will try to appear relatable and adopt cringe-worthy blue-collar accents as they pander to us “regular folks.” Trough-licking multi-millionaires will rail against billionaires who need to pay their fair share. And the finger-pointing blame game we’ve been seeing for the last 500-plus days will only intensify.

But, Curley goes on to highlight a “major difference” between the 2020 Democratic primaries and those that will be held in 2024, namely, that anyone associated with President Biden now has some “extra baggage.”

She’s right

This “extra baggage,” of course, is Biden’s many failures as president.

Curley writes:

Any contender who has the Biden administration on their resume (think Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Kamala Harris) will have to explain why they were part of such a colossal failure and how they can now be entrusted to get us out of the mess they helped create. The Team of Avengers, the adults back in charge, the best and the brightest — well, they have some explaining to do.

Curley, in the remainder of the article, touches upon how progressives will likely campaign and whether Hillary Clinton will make another run at the presidency, among other things. The whole article is worth a read.

But, overall, Curley is predicting that “the 2024 Democrat primaries are going to deliver some major political slapstick for Americans,” and that sounds like something we can all use.

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