Gowdy applauds DOJ decision to move forward with McCabe prosecution

After having been accused of lying to federal investigators, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was doing everything in his power to have the charges dismissed.

McCabe’s efforts, however, were for naught, as U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu recommended that McCabe’s case move forward, which former congressman Trey Gowdy applauded in a return appearance on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum. 

Nobody Above the Law

Over the last two years, we have regularly heard Democrats toss out the term, “Nobody is above the law.” Of course, they were referring to President Donald Trump, not McCabe.

Dems want the rule of law enforced, but only when it comes to Trump. For members of their party, liberals, and anyone who has opposed Trump, law enforcement is optional.

This would include Andrew McCabe, who was very much involved in the early stages of the Trump investigation as well as Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

During an investigation being held by the Inspector General, McCabe was accused of lying to investigators. It was pretty clear from the time he lost his job until just the last few days, McCabe thought there was no way he was going to be indicted.

But, after meeting with the U.S. Attorney and sending a letter to Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, McCabe found out the DOJ will be moving forward with its case.

A Celebration of Justice

A possible indictment for McCabe is the first step, in the eyes of Trump supporters, of getting some justice for the corruption at the top ranks of the FBI that led to all of these bogus accusations against Trump.

When the news of McCabe’s request being denied was made public, Trey Gowdy stated, “It’s a celebration of our justice system, where you can be the second-in-command at the world’s premier law enforcement agency and still be subject to investigation and potential indictment.”

Gowdy, however, also reminded everyone to not pop the corks just yet, as this is a long way from over. At this point, McCabe has not even been indicted, and he is a long way from being convicted and sent to jail.

Something else of note here is that this is a bit more vindication for Trump. As you may recall, when McCabe was let go, he was only days away from getting his pension and benefits for life. Democrats came out in droves to criticize Trump for the move, saying McCabe deserved those benefits after a life of service.

Clearly, the DOJ would not be moving forward unless they thought they had a real case against McCabe, so this is a bit more egg on the face of Democrats.

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