Gowdy says Durham may be done issuing indictments

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy just confirmed Americans’ worst fears about U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the infamous Trump–Russia probe.

According to Fox News, Gowdy said Sunday that he likes “to assume” that Durham is done issuing indictments. Could this be the end already?

“The only one”

So far, Durham has indicted just one individual as part of his probe: Kevin Clinesmith, the former FBI attorney who took it upon himself to alter a message from the CIA to ensure a warrant would be accepted by the FISA court, established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Clinesmith has already pleaded guilty, a move that conservatives celebrated. But according to Gowdy, there likely won’t be more where that came from.

“Whether or not there’ll be more indictments or not, I don’t know and I like to assume that there will not be,” Gowdy told Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures.

The former congressman went on: “That puts me in a small minority, but I’m assuming that the Clinesmith indictment will be the only one.”

A slap on the wrist

But while there may not be any more indictments, Democrats will not get away scot-free. (How the media chooses to spin it is another story, of course.)

According to Gowdy, Durham will more than likely issue a very detailed report of exactly what happened, who was responsible, and where the rules were bent.

That will allow the American people to react with their votes — even if the report doesn’t come until after November’s election.

“I would liken it to Secretary [Hillary] Clinton,” Gowdy said Sunday, according to Fox. “She was not indicted, but when the jury in November of 2016 met, they did mete out punishment, they did mete out accountability.”

Gowdy added:

So regardless of whether [former CIA Director John] Brennan, or Comey, or [ex-FBI agent Peter] Strzok or [Trump campaign staffer Carter] Page or [former FBI lawyer James] Baker or anyone else suffers a criminal consequence, the jury has a chance in November of 2020 to weigh in and say, “You know what, you didn’t meet our expectations for law enforcement. We’re going to mete out the punishment, whether or not there’s an indictment or not.”

Only time will tell whether that’s enough to satisfy President Donald Trump and the millions of Americans who feel he was wrongly targeted.

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