Report: Trey Gowdy will return to Fox News as contributor

Earlier this year, Trey Gowdy was dismissed by Fox News after rumors of Gowdy joining Trump’s legal team surfaced. When that plan didn’t pan out, Gowdy laid low for quite a while, and apparently he was spending the time working on a major comeback.

To this point, Fox News has now confirmed that Trey Gowdy is once again back at the network as a paid contributor.

Good for Trump

With Gowdy not being able to join Trump’s legal team, this is the next best thing. Gowdy has been adamant all along that there were FISA abuses and that this impeachment is a sham.

Since he is unable to represent Trump officially, he can still serve as an educated, articulate voice against impeachment and Democrat overreach when he appears on Fox News.

Since he will not be directly addressing other members of Congress, he will not be in violation of his departure agreement from Congress that does not allow direct lobbying from former members of Congress for one year after leaving office.

One of the additional benefits for Fox News during this impeachment is that Gowdy is very familiar with many of the documents that will be discussed during this process.

He has personally seen the FISA warrants and knows every detail of them, so he can counter the lies told by James Comey and Adam Schiff with some factual knowledge of the documents.

Still joining Trump?

When Gowdy informed the Trump legal team that he would not be joining, he explained it would not prevent him from joining Trump’s team in the future.

In about a month, the moratorium will have passed, so Gowdy will be free to do whatever he wants. If Trump still needed him, there is little doubt Gowdy would still join the team.

However, considering how this process has panned out, Trump may not even need Gowdy on his team to defeat this impeachment.

First, the vote has to get through the House, and that is not even a sure thing at this point. There are reportedly close to a dozen Democrats that have openly expressed doubt already, with some going to Democrat leadership requesting a censure instead of impeachment.

There are almost three dozen Democrat representatives in moderate districts that were won by Trump in 2016, so getting through this vote through is not going to be an easy task for Democrats.

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