Trey Gowdy leaves Fox News to join Trump’s legal team

It was a major coup for Fox News when former congressman Trey Gowdy signed on as a contributor. Sadly, the days of his incisive on-air commentary are now over.

After it was announced that Gowdy would be serving as outside counsel for President Donald Trump amid ongoing impeachment hearings, Fox News announced that their ties had been officially severed.

Bye, Bye, Trey

Gowdy had not even been confirmed as a member of Trump’s legal team when Fox News issued a statement saying, “Trey Gowdy has been terminated and is no longer a contributor.”

Of course, the moment that statement was made, rumors started to circulate that even bigger than the firing was the fact that Gowdy would be helping Trump fight off this impeachment.

Gowdy, as you may already know, served as the Chairman for the House Oversight Committee.

His questioning of Hillary Clinton and other corrupt Democrats is legendary, as is his ability to not allow anyone to evade questions.

Gowdy’s Role

Exactly what Gowdy’s role will be at this point is unknown, but there is a lot of speculation that he will be taking over as the communications point man.

Up to this point, that role has been filled by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who joined Trump’s legal team more than a year ago.

Giuliani has been widely criticized on the outside for his appearances and there are reportedly rumblings from within Trump’s camp that they have sometimes considered Giuliani to be an embarrassment.

President Trump cannot afford a single misstep right now, so having Gowdy take over that role as well as providing some type of counsel makes perfect sense at this point.

There are few people Trump could have brought in that would have put the fear of God into the hearts of Democrats like Gowdy can, so this is a bigger coup for Trump than it was for Fox News when they originally signed Gowdy as a contributor.

Whatever Gowdy’s role ends up being, you can rest assured that Democrats are sleeping a little less easy at night knowing their old nemesis is back in the game.

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