Trey Gowdy: Public ‘will learn nothing’ from Mueller’s congressional testimony

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller was all set to testify before a joint hearing of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees on July 17 — the date has since been pushed back to July 24 — and there has been a lot of speculation on what Mueller might say during that highly anticipated event.

Former Republican South Carolina Rep. and Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, now a Fox News contributor, is of the opinion that the hearing will largely be a show for the political media and a waste of time that will reveal nothing new or of substance that wasn’t already contained in Mueller’s report.

Political theater

In an appearance Thursday on The Story with Martha MacCallum, Gowdy told the eponymous host that “we’re not gonna learn anything new” from Mueller’s testimony.

He further suggested there were only a handful of committee members who even knew how to ask good questions that would elicit a response in the alloted five-minute time frame.

Gowdy said that Mueller “doesn’t want to come at all” to sit for the hearing and noted that Democrats “want to keep the story alive,” but “he’s not going to participate in that.”

“He’s not going to answer anything outside the four corners of his report,” Gowdy said of Mueller.

“So this is just to have a day-long series — the focus will be on the questions and Mueller’s not going to give you any interesting answers. I have quizzed him before. It’s gonna be boring.”

Nothing new

MacCallum pushed back and offered up a few potential lines of questioning that Republicans might pursue against Mueller and asked for Gowdy’s take on how Mueller might respond to such queries.

“Sure, and this will be his answer: ‘Why didn’t I look at anything else? Because I wasn’t asked to.’ ‘When did I conclude there was no collusion? When I interview the last witness.’ That’s it,” Gowdy replied.

“Mueller is a Marine, former FBI director — he is going to answer the question, maybe, and nothing more. You will learn nothing next Wednesday except a lot of my former colleagues think they’re great questioners and think that they should have their five minutes,” he added.

You can watch the whole segment here:

There has been quite a bit of speculation from both sides of the aisle about what might be learned from Mueller’s testimony that wasn’t already included in the report, but Gowdy, perhaps cynical from his own experiences heading the House Oversight Committee, has sought to temper everyone’s expectations.

Sadly, Gowdy is most likely correct that nothing of great importance will be learned from Mueller’s testimony, as he will undoubtedly stick closely to his report and offer little, if anything, extra on top of that, no matter the identity of the questioners or the substance of their inquiries.

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