Trey Gowdy says Durham probe is focused on three main areas of inquiry

Trey Gowdy, former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, joined Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on her Sunday Morning Futures program this week to discuss the latest news regarding the “investigation of the investigators” being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the actions of the Obama-era Department of Justice and FBI against then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016.

According to the Washington Examiner, Gowdy surmised Sunday that Durham is focusing his probe on three separate but related issues: the actual origination of the FBI’s anti-Trump investigation, the bureau’s abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court warrants in 2016, and the intelligence community’s assessment of alleged Russian election interference in January of 2017.

Three areas of focus

Gowdy said that Durham was “looking at three things — the factual predicate for this Russia investigation. And I’m not talking about the summer of 2016. I’m talking about stuff that happened in late 2015 and early 2016.”

“Remember, the DOJ and the FBI told (former House Speaker) Paul Ryan and (then-House Intelligence Committee chair) Devin Nunes and myself — repeatedly and exclusively — that nothing happened before June of 2016,” he added.

Gowdy went on: “No payments were made, no contacts with the Trump campaign. I’m sure John Durham is looking to see whether or not that’s true.

“He’s also looking at the FISA process and misrepresentations made to the FISA court,” the former federal prosecutor said of the other angles being viewed by Durham’s probe.

Digging deep

“I think he’s also looking at that ICA, that intelligence community assessment, that (former CIA Director) John Brennan got done towards the end of the Barack Obama tenure, to make sure whether or not that was thoroughly investigated and whether or not all the right information made its way into that ICA,” Gowdy suggested. “Three important things, three separate things.”

Bartiromo referenced contradictory testimony offered previously by Brennan about the composition of the ICA and compared that to a timeline of known potential counter-intelligence events related to the Trump campaign that dated back to late 2015 and early 2016. Gowdy expressed gratitude that it wasn’t him, but the DOJ and FBI, who would have to explain to Durham how all of the inexplicable and intertwined events came to be.

“I could not be more clear — we asked the DOJ and the FBI, repeatedly, did anything happen before June of 2016,” Gowdy said. “And the answer was always the same — nothing happened with respect to the Trump campaign before June of 2016.

“And if something did happen, then either the FBI misrepresented facts to us. Or, it wasn’t the FBI and it was another agency that was doing it,” he added. “Both of those are important to know and John Durham, I hope, is going to be able to answer that question.”

While there has been plenty of speculation regarding Durham’s probe, the federal prosecutor has kept his cards close to his vest, and nobody really knows for sure the true areas of focus in his ongoing criminal investigation.

That said, if there is anybody who can make an educated and informed guess with a high probability of accuracy, it is Gowdy, who has been privy to much of the still-classified information at the heart of the issue.

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