Trey Gowdy dismisses calls for new gun control legislation

As the nation mourns the tragic mass shootings that recently took place, Democrats believe the solution is more gun laws.

Former Republican congressman Trey Gowdy jumped back into the spotlight to completely dismiss the notion, arguing, “More laws that are not going to be enforced is the panacea and it won’t work.”

The Illusion of Gun Laws

Democrats have long held the belief that if we have more gun laws, all these mass shootings will go away. If it were that easy, Chicago would not have more than 300 murders on the books already this year.

Unfortunately, in this world, evil always finds a way.

Gowdy even hinted if Dems could come with a law that would completely guarantee something like this would never happen again, he would “give up any other right I have.”

The Real Problem

The fact of the matter is the root cause of these shootings lies in the heads of the shooters.

The FBI recently conducted a study looking at mass shootings from 2000 to 2013. In more than 60% of the cases, there was one common thread. That thread was that there were mental health issues present in the shooters.

Additionally, in roughly 90% of the shootings, there were signs of what the FBI called “concerning behaviors.”

These are red flags that should have given cause for concern. The Dayton shooter is a perfect example of this.

The shooter went to school with rape and kill lists, yet nobody took action.

In a world where we worry about offending a crowd of people by using a single-gender characterization such as “guys” to get their attention, nobody is willing to bring attention to these “concerning behaviors” for fear of being ridiculed publicly.

This is where our focus needs to be, not on creating ridiculous and restrictive gun laws that do not address how the person got to the point of pulling the trigger.

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