Trey Gowdy says Congress is incapable of conducting investigations due to leaks

Trey Gowdy just dropped a bomb on our political system that confirms what many of us have thought for decades.

During an appearance on Face the Nation Gowdy called congressional investigations “terrible” and “Serious investigations don’t leak. Serious investigations don’t make up their mind first and then go in search of the evidence to validate.”

Gowdy Should Know

Rep. Gowdy has been at the forefront of several major “investigations” held by Congress.

The Benghazi investigation, which was ultimately a useless waste of time and money, let Hillary off the hook without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Gowdy was also involved in the Clinton email probe.

Again, Hillary was let off the hook without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Not Gowdy’s Fault

While Gowdy was involved in these investigations, it is hardly his fault as to the outcome of the actual investigation.

In many cases, information was simply not turned over to Congress.

Sadly, this often happens with our own law enforcement agencies.

We are in fact seeing this very tactic now with the FBI and the subpoena for over one million documents requested by Congress.

The subpoenas are treated like requests rather than actual legal documents.

Furthermore, as Gowdy points out, serious investigations don’t have an endless stream of leaks like we see in Congressional investigations.

Gowdy, plain and simple, thinks these hearings our a waste of time, stating, “Congress has proven itself incapable of conducting serious investigations.”

Salary Justifiers

For decades, We the People have been saying these committees are nothing more than time fillers for Congressmen and Senators.

They need a way to justify their salaries, so they hold these investigations to put on a good face for the public.

Rarely, if ever, does anything ever come from these investigations other than millions of dollars of taxpayer money being wasted.

Probably Why…

The inability of any outcome is more than likely why Gowdy decided to leave public office.

He has clearly been frustrated at the lack of cooperation and end result of our political system and has decided serving the public is simply a waste of time.

That is not a shot at Gowdy, far from it, it is just a fact.

Gowdy is a very talented and respected legal mind and our country is far weaker the moment he walks out of Congress for the last time.

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This accusation by Gowdy should serve as a wakeup call to the sheep of this county that think elected representatives are actually doing something for this country.

It is probably an underestimation to say that 90 percent of them are nothing more than talking heads trying to figure out a way to squeeze another four-year paycheck out of the We the People.

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