Trey Gowdy offers advice to House Republicans on Mueller questioning

Trey Gowdy has been fairly quiet since declining to run for re-election in 2018. However, he’s back with some important advice for the Republican lawmakers that will be questioning Robert Mueller next month.

House Republicans would do well to listen to Gowdy’s advice for questioning Robert Mueller when they finally get their crack at him when Mueller appears before Congress.

Targeting Five Areas

Gowdy, while making an appearance with Sean Hannity, stated congressional members need to think in terms of filling buckets with the limited time they have to question Mueller.

If each member takes a specific bucket, they just may get the information they need to prove just how much of a witch hunt this investigation really was.

The five areas, or buckets, they need to concentrate on are: bias, legal issues, findings, what Mueller did not find, and what Mueller did not even bother to investigate.

Filling the Buckets

On the issue of bias, Gowdy stated he would target why so many individuals that wanted Hillary to win and Trump to lose were hired for this task force.

In terms of legal issues, Gowdy stated, “If you can resist an unlawful arrest, can you resist an unpredicated investigation?” This would be a major defense against obstruction allegations.

For the third, fourth, and fifth bucket, Gowdy pointed out that while Mueller did investigate foreign influence in our elections, he didn’t bother to investigate what was happening in our own country to influence these elections.

Gowdy actually used the term of people who “put their finger on the scale” to try to tilt an election one way or the other.

It will not be an easy fight, especially considering Democrat hold much of the power in the House. However, our representatives need to realize they are not really in this to win the committee hearing.

What they are in it for, however, is to get the truth out to the American people so we can make an informed decision on our own.

We already know how Dems will spin this, so their conclusions are irrelevant. The truth, as they say, will help set Trump free, and that is what our congressmen need to expose.

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