Trey Gowdy accuses Elizabeth Warren of drunk tweeting

2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took a cheap shot at retiring Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), accusing him of planning to enrich himself by becoming a lobbyist — a false charge that he quickly rebutted while charging her in return with drunk Tweeting.

After Warren insinuated on Twitter that Gowdy just wanted a “fat lobbyist paycheck,” Gowdy fired back, “I’m not lobbying. Not now. Or ever. Perhaps you were cracking open a beer when that was announced. Don’t mind your criticisms. Just be more sensitive to facts.”

Gowdy was referring to Warren’s live-streamed video of herself drinking a beer on New Year’s Eve — an obvious attempt to appear more “relatable” — which was widely mocked on social media.

Parting Shots

Gowdy has been a major thorn in the side of Democrats from the first day he took office.

For almost a decade now, Gowdy has eloquently called it like it is, something most people in Washington are afraid to do.

The former federal prosecutor was never really looking for fame, just truth, justice, and the good of the American people.

Left or right, he called politicians on both sides out if he thought they were doing Americans wrong.

Unprovoked, though, Warren decided to attack him as he is walking out the door.

But Warren should think twice before picking a Twitter fight with someone as quick-witted as Gowdy.

The Broken System

People like Warren are exactly why someone like Gowdy is leaving politics.

She has lied to further her career by claiming she is a minority when that is clearly not the case.

She will do or say anything to get ahead.

Gowdy, however, was seeking the truth but found out even when you have the truth on your side in D.C., it often means very little.

He headed the committees that investigated Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and Benghazi.

While the evidence against Hillary was overwhelming, she remained untouchable.

This was something Gowdy pointed out, calling congressional committees useless and a waste of taxpayer money.

She Could Not Be More Wrong

The fact is, Warren owes Gowdy an apology.

He will not be a lobbyist, as she accused him.

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Gowdy, in fact, is already set to rejoin a South Carolina law firm where he worked before moving into government.

That is an apology we will never hear, though, as Warren is only interested in headlines… the truth is merely secondary.

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