Democrat Governor of Puerto Rico resigns

Another day, another corrupt Democrat exposed and kicked out of office.

After weeks of protests and outrage against his administration, Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló has officially resigned.

Long Time Coming

Rosselló’s administration has been far from scandal-free. His time in office will forever be remembered as one of the most corrupt in the history of the island.

Puerto Rico was already in dire shape when Hurricane Maria touched down in 2017. That disaster, while doing plenty of damage on its own, was made far worse by the deteriorating infrastructure of Puerto Rico.

The island begged for disaster relief money. When it was received, nobody really knew where it went.

Parts of the island are still without running water and electric, almost two full years later. All of this should have been enough to get Rosselló booted from office, but then yet another scandal broke.

The Transcripts

Transcripts of private text conversations between Rosselló and his staff members were leaked to the media and they painted a horrible picture of the polarizing governor.

They were sexist, misogynistic, and downright insulting to citizens of Puerto Rico. Residents took to the streets and native celebrities joined in the protests, but Rosselló refused to give up his office.

Finally, after several members of Congress and numerous presidential candidates came out against him, Rosselló announced his resignation, effective August 2.

With his resignation, Justice Secretary Wanda Vazquez would be next in line for the governorship, but she says she does not want the job.

Even though the governor’s mansion will remain empty, it is far better than what was residing there.

Hopefully, the people of Puerto Rico will finally get someone in office that will do right by them, which will be a far cry from the decades of corruption the island has had to suffer through.

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