California governor pops the green energy bubble

The Democrats’ plan to turn the entire country green just took a major hit.

Part of the reason for the recent energy shortages in California, according to Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom, is the state’s over-reliance on renewable energy sources like wind and solar.


The problem with the most popular renewable energy options is they simply don’t always work. That is exactly what California is facing right now.

The state has been suffering under a record-breaking heatwave for several days, increasing demand on the electrical grid. At the same time, wind and solar renewable energy stores were impacted by cloud cover and relatively “mild” winds, Newsom told journalists on Monday, according to Breitbart.

The governor’s statement came after hundreds of thousands of Californians lost power to rolling blackouts caused by an energy shortage for the first time since the California electricity crisis of 2001 — which contributed in part to the successful recall of then-Gov. Gray Davis (D).

Newsom admitted that his administration had not properly prepared for the conditions or a shortfall. “We failed to predict and plan these shortages, and that’s simply unacceptable,” he stated.

While he hasn’t given up on transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy, Newsom admitted that “we cannot sacrifice reliability as we move forward in this transition [to renewable energy].”

Fossil fuels are here to stay

Most people today believe that we need to take advantage of renewable energy sources — but not necessarily be completely reliant upon them.

The problem that California is having now is the reality of what happens when you get too reliant on renewables and make even a small misjudgment.

We simply cannot afford to do away with fossil fuels completely for a variety of reasons, including that it would put a massive amount of people out of work. There is also the cost factor, which has already derailed numerous projects — not to mention the negative environmental impacts of vast wind and solar farms.

This, however, does not go very well with the Democrat agenda, which calls for a massive shift over the next two decades to end fossil fuel energy altogether. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has bought into the Green New Deal hook, line, and sinker, and even has his own version of it on his website as part of his environmental and energy plan.

So, when those lights go out, the TV goes off, and your AC shuts down in the middle of a summer heatwave, just remember to thank Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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