Puerto Rico’s governor endorses Trump for re-election: Report

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden just got some devastating news.

According to Breitbart, Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vazquez Garced, of the territory’s New Progressive Party, issued an endorsement of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign this week.

Speaking with Telemundo on Tuesday, the governor encouraged Puerto Ricans living within the United States to vote for Trump on Nov. 3.

“I ask all Puerto Ricans who are listening to go vote,” she said, according to Breitbart. “They have to go to vote, exercise their right to vote and evaluate who has represented being a person who thinks about Puerto Ricans and their needs at the most difficult moment: It is Donald Trump.”

A stunning endorsement

According to Breitbart, Vazquez Garced was slated to campaign alongside Trump in Florida, but the event was canceled. Of course, that doesn’t mean the two have always seen eye-to-eye.

The Puerto Rican governor wants the territory to be recognized as a state by the United States. Trump, meanwhile, opposes the matter.

This disagreement apparently isn’t enough to turn Vazquez Garced off from the incumbent president, though.

Responding to the governor’s endorsement, Trump Victory Spokesperson Danielle Alvarez told the Miami Herald that it’s a sign Trump is gaining ground among Puerto Rican and Hispanic voters.

“Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced’s endorsement is further proof of the enthusiasm that President Trump is generating among Boricuas and all Hispanics,” she said, according to Fox News.

A look ahead

Unfortunately for Vazquez Garced, this will likely be her last endorsement of any weight, as she failed to win her primary for an upcoming election, Breitbart noted.

Trailing her opponent by more than 15 points in the polls and with roughly 75% of the votes counted in the primary race, Vazquez Garced conceded the primary election to Pedro Pierluisi, saying the move came out of respect for the will of Puerto Rican voters, according to an Associated Press report.

Hopefully, however, her pleas to voters will still be heard. After all, Trump has made big promises for Puerto Rico, including pledging $13 billion last month to “help rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid system and spur recovery of the territory’s education system,” Fox News reported.

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