Governor demands resignation of West Virginia Supreme Court Justice

The problems with West Virginia’s state Supreme Court are well documented by now.

With two justices having already resigned, the GOP governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, is now calling for the resignation of State Justice Allen Loughry as well.


It is hard to think of a time in our history when a state had such a corrupt panel of Supreme Court Justices.

In this case, every sitting justice was alleged to have wasted taxpayer money on outrageous remodels of their chambers.

Oddly enough, one of the justices had recently published a book discussing the history of corruption in the state.

When the allegations against the justices were first made, two of them immediately resigned rather than face more scrutiny.

The remaining justices, however, were determined to fight the charges.


One of the major reasons Governor Jim Justice is calling for the resignation of Justice Loughry is because the official verdict came in two weeks ago.

On October 12, Loughry was convicted of 11 counts in federal court.

Tough to justify someone sitting on the bench when they have a guilty conviction.

Governor Justice called it “the right thing” for Loughry to resign and “go on down the road.”

The fate of several of the other justices is still up in the air.

Justice Workman got a breath of life when the replacement justices ruled the articles of impeachment filed against her actually violated the separation of powers doctrine.

Even though they ruled the Senate did not have jurisdiction, the Senate met to figure out how to move forward with the impeachment process.

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One of the justices that retired, Robin Davis, has asked the State Supreme Court also block her impeachment proceedings.

Loughry, even though he has been convicted, has asked for the same measure in his case.

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