Despite weighing mandatory mask order, Virginia governor caught barefaced on boardwalk

While contemplating a statewide policy that would make wearing a mask mandatory when entering business or retail settings, Virginia’s liberal governor was just caught setting a very bad example.

On Saturday, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) was spotted out public not wearing a mask and not following social distancing protocols, reported.

Do as I say…

Democrats are constantly harping on President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask and failing to set the right tone in front of the American people.

Many on the left however, have been the epitome of entitlement and hypocrisy throughout the entire coronavirus pandemic.

For instance, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s wife apparently felt free enough to travel to the family’s multimillion-dollar Florida estate last month despite the fact that her home state was supposed to be in a complete lockdown ordered by her own husband, as the Daily Mail repoprted.

Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago shut down beauty salons, but then she went out and got herself a haircut, which she justified by saying that she makes a lot of television appearances and therefore needs to be properly groomed, according to ABC News.

Now, Gov. Northam is reportedly getting ready to put a mandatory face mask rule in place for his state, yet he was just seen out and about on the Virginia Beach boardwalk with no face mask and well within six feet of other people:

Excuses, excuses

Technically, Northam would not have violated the mask order currently under consideration, as it reportedly will only mandate masks during visits to indoor places of business, a point the governor’s surrogates were quick to make. However, this is more about perception than technicalities, especially when Democrats are demanding on a daily basis that President Trump lead by example.

The bigger problem for Northam may be the fact he was clearly not practicing social distancing on the boardwalk. As far as one can tell from the photo, it looks as though at least four individuals were within six feet of the governor, which is a clear violation of the safety precautions on which Americans have been instructed from the earliest days of this crisis.

The backlash has already started.

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