Democrat governor admits joining mass protest amid COVID-19 restrictions was ‘inconsistent’

For months, Americans have been told that because of the coronavirus, we needed to stay in our homes, always wear a mask, and remain six feet apart when in the vicinity of others.

That message seemed to have completely disappeared during recent protests over the death of George Floyd — something Democrat Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf now confesses was “inconsistent,” according to Breitbart.

Wolf’s hypocrisy exposed

In Pennsylvania, as well as other states around the country, small business owners were threatened with arrest and all sorts of other sanctions for opening amid strict lockdown orders. While big-box retailers were free to serve customers and engage in lucrative commerce, local entrepreneurs selling much the same products and services could not, and it was all done in the name of public health.

However, as demonstrators began to take to the streets in the wake of Floyd’s death, all of that concern about the ongoing pandemic appeared to go out the window.

Democratic leaders across the country not only applauded, but actively encouraged protestors to mobilize in their quest for justice, saying little, if anything about the risk of COVID-19 infection such mass gatherings supposedly represent. Gov. Wolf, in fact, was among those getting in on the action:

This happened after Wolf openly called small business owners who wanted to re-open “cowards” for their stance:

In the end, Wolf had little choice to acknowledge the hypocrisy of the situation, saying, “That was inconsistent, I acknowledge that,” though not without a bit of a qualifier. “But I was trying to show support for a cause, the eradication of racism that I think is very, very important and I was trying to show my support for that effort,” he added, according to Breitbart.

Wait and see

The George Floyd protests have been going on for more than two weeks now, which is about the time an uptick in COVID-19 cases stemming from mass gatherings would take to fully emerge.

Not surprisingly, many of the states that have witnessed the largest protests are starting to see an increase in affected individuals, with California reporting 2,539 new cases on Saturday, New York reporting 1,111 new cases, and Texas seeing 1,542 new cases, according to an online tracker.

By the end of this month, those who contracted the virus at mass demonstrations will start to see the infection cycle play out, and if the nation suffers significant rises in coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths, we will have nobody but the Democrats to thank.

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