Report: US government website compromised by Iranian hackers

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has already cautioned everyone that Iranian cyberattacks may be forthcoming.

That warning became a reality Saturday night when an Iranian group reportedly struck back at the U.S. by hacking a lesser-known government website, the Daily Wire reported.

According to FOX5 reporter Lauren DeMarco, “the Federal Depository Library Program website appears to have been hacked by someone claiming to be from Iran.”

Sending a message

Having government systems hacked is never a good thing, but this is a system that was reportedly rather easy to get into.

Most Washington insiders did not even know the Federal Depository Library Program even existed until the hacking was announced.

According to the Daily Wire, a former U.S. government official confirmed that sentiment with Fox News, stating: “It has the feel of being pretty insignificant…they just hacked a website that most Washington insiders don’t know existed. Honestly, this is not very hard…this website had very weak security.”

A glimpse of what’s to come?

Over the weekend, Iranian leadership made some hefty threats against the United States. Iran has threatened to attack everything from our military bases to our ships to the White House itself.

If any of those are assets attacked, Iran will probably cease to exist, so it is unlikely they will be that bold. However, Iran is among the world’s leaders in their ability to conduct cyberattacks.

While this operation seems to have been conducted by a group that is sympathetic to Iran, it is not believed to have been authorized by the Iranian government itself at this time. That, however, does not mean Iran will not eventually try to carry out a massive cyberattack against the United States.

The country is well known as the home of significant numbers of extremely skilled hackers, so this is a very serious concern for our intelligence agencies.

If Iran does conduct a cyberattack, it could technically be considered an act of war, though it is unlikely Trump would order a massive military strike in response. However, U.S intelligence agencies also have considerable skills on this front, so it is more likely that an in-kind response would occur — and we can bet they won’t go easy on Tehran.

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