Government Suddenly Stops Trans Indoctrination for One Reason

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Transgender-indoctrination classes being delivered to government officials in the United Kingdom have been dropped for the “bullying” that was present, according to a report from Britain’s Telegraph.

The “gender inclusion” instructions were being given to various departments at Whitehall when the complaints arose.

Civil servants said the workshops were “scientifically nonsensical.”

The presentations were from an advocacy organization called: gender, which the report said calls itself a “trans and intersex” cross-government staff network.

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A letter of complaint from the Women’s Rights Network detailed its conclusions about the problems of the sessions, including that the rights of women and lesbians were “overridden” and that “beliefs” were “presented as fact.”

Those would include the claim that humans can change their sex, which scientifically cannot happen since being male or female is embedded in the human body to the DNA level.

The complaint charged that the “trainer” delivering the instructions claimed that people who do not accept gender identity are “not qualified to give an opinion,” the report said.

The complaint was dispatched to Simon Case, the Cabinet secretary, and Matthew Rycroft, the Cabinet Office permanent secretary.

It included charges from attendees who were told to be at the sessions that the instruction was “tantamount to bullying and preachy at the same time.”

Complaints already had been registered from various members of Parliament, on behalf of their constituents, the report said.

The result was the teaching sessions were dropped.

report from the Christian Institute said the sessions have been “paused” for a review to see that they meet standards for impartiality.

The Institute reported, “One civil servant said the content was ‘scientifically so nonsensical and bizarre,’ while another found it ‘awful and upsetting.’ They reported that the sessions presented claims that a person can change their biological sex ‘as fact,’ and taught that refusing to use the label ‘cisgender’ is a ‘dog whistle’ for transphobia.”

Heather Binning of the Women’s Rights Network said, “Civil servants should not be given inaccurate and offensive information in the guise of training, and public money should not be spent on furthering a political agenda. Gender ideology is particularly harmful to women and girls and does not belong in any official institution.”

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