Trump was right: Florida state government contacts federal prosecutors about altered election documents tied to Democrats

With missed deadlines and mysteriously “found” ballots, some Republicans — including President Donald Trump — have accused election officials in two Florida counties of being less than honest about their election practices. And now, it looks like evidence has just surfaced that proves their allegations were true.

Politico reported that in the days after the election, the Florida Department of State contacted federal prosecutors about official state election documents that had altered dates on them.

These altered documents — which appeared in four counties, including the long-embattled Broward County — were directly linked to the Florida Democratic Party.

Altered dates on official documents

Those official documents — known as “cure affidavits” — were sent to voters who’d voted by mail and needed to “fix” or “cure” incorrect or missing information on their ballots, something that was permitted by law up until Nov. 5, the day before the election.

However, those documents from at least four counties — including Broward — were found to have listed Nov. 8, two days after the election, as the deadline by which vote-by-mail ballots could be “cured,” which would be too late and in violation of state law.

Along with the documents with altered dates, email chains from election officials in the counties in question discussing the altered dates and violations of law were also handed over to federal prosecutors.

It is noteworthy that the officials’ emails all seemed to point a finger at the Florida Democratic Party as being responsible for those alterations, citing as evidence email addresses linked to the party, and phone calls and voicemails from the party apparatus to voters who were encouraged to “fix” their ballots after the Nov. 5 deadline had passed — which could help explain the high number of uncounted ballots “found” days after the election was complete.

“Irregularities” and potential fraud

Bradley McVay, the interim general counsel of the Florida Department of State, sent a letter on Nov. 9 along with the altered documents and email chains to the three U.S. Attorneys covering the Northern, Middle, and Southern Districts of the state, alerting them to the “irregularities” and potential fraud.

“Altering a form in a manner that provides the incorrect date for a voter to cure a defect,” McVay wrote, “imposes a burden on the voter significant enough to frustrate the voter’s ability to vote.”

Of course, a spokeswoman for the Florida Democratic Party dismissed the report of party-linked documents with altered dates as a mere distraction, though, notably, the allegation was not flatly denied.

It is possible that the altered dates on the “cure affidavits” sent to voters that misinformed them of the deadline to “fix” their incorrect mail-in ballots is just another glaring example of utter incompetence by the party, but it could also be something much more sinister, such as a deliberate attempt fraudulently add in more Democrat-favorable ballots after the deadline in order to help Democrat candidates win.

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Either way, Trump was absolutely right to call attention to the shady goings-on in by Democrats in Broward and other Florida counties.

Hopefully, federal prosecutors and law enforcement officials will quickly get to the bottom of this issue and hold people accountable for what has happened.

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