Government mandates sex survey, students have brilliant response

May 14, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Tens of thousands of students across the land of Scotland are ignoring a mandated government sex survey.

A report from the Christian Institute revealed the students simply refused to complete the survey on their "sex lives."

First of all, only 16 of 32 local authorities agreed to give the surveys to their students, many charging that it was unsuitable.

Then officials confirmed more than half of the older teens, and more than one-third of all pupils who were given the "Health and Wellbeing Census," refused to respond.

The survey asked teens in years S4 to S6 "shocking sexual questions, and quizzed primary school children about their home lives," the report said.

The Christian Institute had suggested that parents protest the inquisition to local council members.

"Researchers reported that the overall response rate for the 16 councils that collected data was 58.3%, representing 134,044 pupils. But more than half of the teenagers in S4 – aged 14-15 at the start of the school year – ignored the survey," the institute explained.

"Students in their final year of secondary education were even less inclined to answer the government’s questions, with more than two-thirds of teens in S6 refusing to take part."

Meghan Gallacher, a member of the Scottish parliament, said it was clear students were "uncomfortable" with the intrusive sex questions being asked.

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