Government grant will distribute ‘safe’ crack-smoking supplies to ‘underserved’ communities

It’s time to forget about Build Back Better, because President Joe Biden is now focused on a new and absurd government program his critics are calling “Build Crack Better.”

According to The Washington Free Beacon, in its latest silly attempt to push its “racial equity” narrative, the Biden administration is preparing to send out free crack pipes to drug addicts around the country in an attempt to make the hardcore drugs “safer” to use. 

Yes, you read that right. The program, which is already facing enormous public backlash, is part of a $30 million grant program managed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Part of the grant money will go to various non-profits in several major U.S. cities to provide “smoking kits/supplies” for drug addicts.

As the Free Beacon noted, the kits “will provide pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and ‘any illicit substance.'”

Why crack pipes?

Out of the numerous causes that the government could possibly get behind, it’s perplexing why it would spend seven figures on funding an already out-of-control drug epidemic within the United States.

However, according to HHS, the safe smoking kits will provide addicts a better way to ingest their illegal drug of choice, with the hopes of moving addicts away from glass pipes to reduce the infections and sores that come along with putting one’s lips on a smoldering hot glass tube.

Thanks to Biden’s executive order on “advancing racial equity,” applicants for the government-funded program will receive priority treatment if they’re located in “underserved” areas, such as predominantly Black or LGBTQ communities.

In other words, those “underserved” areas, which are packed with liquor stores, predatory loan companies, rampant crime, and illicit drug dealing, will now potentially have drug paraphernalia distribution centers as well, which will undoubtedly make those communities drastically less safe than they are now.

Critics of such a move point to San Francisco and Seattle, where centers have been set up for “safe” drug use, but inevitably turn into open-air drug markets, riddled with trash, crime, and homeless encampments.

The wrong approach

Many, including Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, president of the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police, believe that the Biden admin’s approach to the drug problem is completely backward, adding that funding drug treatment centers are the only way to go.

“If we look at more of a preventive campaign as opposed to an enabling campaign, I think it will offer an opportunity to have safer communities with fewer people who are dependable on these substances,” Boatwright said.

If this wasn’t such a serious issue, it would almost be laughable, but with a nation that has been crippled with an increased amount of illegal drugs coming across the border, and with overdose deaths at record highs, encouraging hardcore drug use is the dumbest, most dangerous possible plan the White House could have designed.

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