Gov. Kristi Noem floated as a possible Trump VP pick

August 17, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

As former President Donald Trump is still considered the heavy favorite for the GOP nomination next year, there's much abuzz regarding who he'll pick as his 2024 running mate. 

According to the Washington Examiner, while Trump has a deep bench of qualified, exciting VP selections, one name, in particular, popped up this week in South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R), a longtime ally to the former president.

The outlet noted that a source revealed Noem and Trump have had "frequent" phone calls since she first supported him during the Trump administration.

Noem is one of several popular conservative women who some have suggested could be on Trump's VP shortlist.

Why Noem?

The Examiner noted that Noem has a lot going for her, including staying popular with the MAGA voting base, name recognition, and accomplishments and accolades as the governor of South Dakota.

Noem would be included on a list of possible running mates, sources with knowledge confirmed. Her record of working with Trump as governor, paired with her popularity in the state and her expanding national profile, are considered advantages for her.

In news that was buried last month by other headlines, the South Dakota Republican Party confirmed that the former president will be in attendance at its "Monumental Leaders rally on Sept. 8 at the Monument in Rapid City."

Trump was reportedly urged by the governor herself to attend the event next month, as she'll also be there. Observers began connecting dots in speculating that it could be a tryout to see how they're received together on stage.

The Examiner explained the somewhat rare trip:

The appearance is especially significant because South Dakota is reliably Republican and isn't a hot spot for campaigning as well as the fact that the state's entire Senate delegation has endorsed one of Trump's opponents in Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

Noem had considered making a run for the White House, but eventually called it off due to Trump's surging popularity. The former president recently applauded her for rallying behind him, as he's called for other GOP candidates to do.

Would she take the job?

According to sources cited by the Examiner, Noem would absolutely take the VP job should she get the call from Trump.

"But even so, they said, Noem would definitely join Trump on a ticket — and even considered making a presidential run herself but decided against it due to Trump's massive edge against opponents," the Examiner reported.

Another source went on to say that Noem would have a leg up on the competition, given her loyalty to the president and the fact that he's a fan of her gubernatorial policies.

Only time will tell who ultimately gets the job, but it'll certainly dominate the headlines when it's announced.

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