Gov. Hogan’s former chief of staff indicted on multiple serious financial charges

Roy McGrath, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s (R) former chief of staff, was on the receiving end of an indictment after it was revealed that he’s been charged with a number of crimes, including defrauding a state agency, embezzlement, and illegal recording.  

According to The Hill, McGrath reportedly defrauded the Maryland Environmental Service (MES), which he previously led, into providing him a severance package equal to one year’s salary.

Prosecutors also hit McGrath with charges related to MES funds he used to make a donation to a museum, as well as funds used to pay the tuition for a course he took after leaving the state agency.

According to a Justice Department press release, McGrath managed to allegedly swindle some $276,000 in total from MES.

Shady character

Reportedly, when Gov. Hogan found out about McGrath’s severance package, he questioned him about it. McGrath had previously told the MES board of directors that Hogan signed off on the package, which he apparently had not done.

In what appears to be an attempt to cover his tracks, McGrath also deleted comments in the official minutes of an MES board meeting regarding a discussion about his severance package.

Hogan’s former chief of staff was also charged with illegally recording conversations with various state officials both during his time leading MES and in the governor’s office.

McGrath only served in the governor’s office as chief of staff for a few months, as he ultimately resigned after news of his alleged crimes was made public, as The Washington Post reported at the time.

DOJ cracks down

In the DOJ statement announcing the indictment, it was made crystal clear that McGrath will be held accountable for violating the public trust in his various positions.

“Our federal and state law enforcement team in Maryland will always hold accountable public officials who betray the public trust for their personal gain,” the statement read.

It added: “Maryland residents should always demand honesty and integrity from those in government, and hopefully this indictment offers the public some level of confidence that we are committed to prosecuting those who violate that trust.”

If convicted, McGrath faces multiple decades in prison for the various charges he faces. As of this writing, McGrath nor his attorneys have commented on the indictment announcement.

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