Gov. Abbott meets with Texas sheriffs, discusses Biden’s failure to contain immigration crisis

It’s not a secret that President Joe Biden and his administration do not seem particularly interested in quelling the immigration surge at the southern U.S. border, given the fact that the president made a concerted effort within his first few months in office to reverse virtually all of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

According to Breitbart, the out-of-control immigration crisis is having disastrous effects on border states, especially Texas, which prompted Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to meet with several sheriffs in his state. He explained that such meetings are necessary as it appears that the Biden administration has given up on the immigration crisis. 

“Even though the federal government may have abandoned their responsibility, we have not,” Abbott told the sheriffs.

“Complete abandonment”

While some of the consequences of a spike in illegal immigration are obvious, some of the effects are not as widely known, but pose an equally serious threat.

At a workshop with several sheriffs from various regions in the state, Abbott talked to the law enforcement leaders about their concerns, some of which included a noticeable increase in arrests that correlates with the increased number of illegal immigrants crossing the border and eventually set free in their jurisdictions.

Others added that they’ve witnessed an uptick in high-speed pursuits of illegal immigrants in their counties, which is obviously not ideal as far as public safety is concerned.

After listening to many of the concerns shared by the Texas sheriffs, Abbott explained that holding such workshops is a necessity, given that the Biden administration has all but turned a blind eye to how the issue affects border states.

“The bottom line is, because of the current administration’s complete abandonment of enforcing the laws passed that were passed by the United States Congress, concerning immigration, there is an unprecedented increase in people coming across the border,” Abbott said.

Abbott doubles down

In recent weeks, the Texas governor has generated headlines for his response to the issue, seemingly taking the matter under his wing to ensure that residents of his state remain safe.

“President Biden’s open border policies have led to a disaster on our border, and the State of Texas is stepping up in the federal government’s absence to keep our communities safe,” Abbott said, adding that Texas is “working tirelessly to stop the influx of unlawful immigrants.”

Under “Operation Lone Sta,” the Texas governor was able to deploy National Guard troops and hundreds of public safety officers to assist with law enforcement efforts at the border, but the governor added that the state will need all hands on deck to tackle the growing problem.

“But more help is needed, which is why I called for legislation this Special Session to provide more border security funding for law enforcement and counties,” Abbott noted.

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