Sebastian Gorka: Ginsburg may step down soon

A bomb hit D.C. this weekend, courtesy of a tweet from former Trump admin official Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka said he heard from “multiple sources” that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, in fact, getting ready to announce she will be stepping down from the bench of the Supreme Court.

Speculation or Fact?

Rumors about Ginsburg have been running rampant for weeks now.

After she took a nasty fall in her chambers, Ginsburg broke three ribs.

During her examination, it was revealed she had cancerous nodules on her lung.

While she appeared recovered rather quickly from the cracked ribs, the nodules are a different story.

For the first time in her career, Ginsburg has missed meaningful time on the bench.

According to Gorka, this has given her pause for thought that it may now be time to step down from the bench and put her health first.

Gorka has cited no named sources, mind you.

Depending upon what Ginsburg does, Gorka will either look like a genius or a fool.

Democrat Panic

Ginsburg’s uncertain condition has created widespread panic in D.C. and among liberals around the country.

Liberals are now trying to figure out how they can fight a third Supreme Court appointment by Trump.

If this in fact happens, it will give the conservative lean on the court a 6-3 edge.

Since Republicans still have the Senate, there is really nothing Democrats can do to stop it, either.

However, would this be something Trump uses as leverage to get his wall?

While it is unlikely he would go so far as to nominate a true liberal to the court, he could concede in giving them a more moderate conservative.

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The question then is how his base would perceive such a move.

Right now, this is pure speculation, but we would expect this matter to get cleared up rather quickly with Ginsburg either making the decision to step down or showing up for work in the very near future.

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