Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka calls out Democrats on Fox for refusing to negotiate with Trump

Despite the fact that many Democrats, like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), once outwardly opposed illegal immigration, the federal government remains in a partial shutdown ahead of the new year over their failure to make a deal with President Donald Trump to secure the nation’s southern border — and one Fox analyst is calling them out on it.

In a Saturday appearance on Fox & Friends, former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka criticized Democrats like Schumer for their blatant hypocrisy over border security.

“Back then it was popular, back then they were going with the flow,” Gorka said, explaining why the Dems have flip-flopped on the issue. “Now we have a president that wants to make that a reality, but no, now they have to block everything.”

The outrageous reality

Gorka went on to condemn the leftist media on Saturday for criticizing the U.S. troops in Iraq who wanted the president’s autograph, while they widely failed to report the death of a legal immigrant police officer who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant gang member in California.

“The Democrats are more interested in getting our armed forces — our warfighters — in trouble for having their MAGA hats signed by the president than protecting us from the kinds of illegals that murdered Corporal Singh in California,” Gorka said. “That’s the outrageous reality.”

But the Dems haven’t just switched their views since Barack Obama’s presidency. In 2017, the Democrats nearly reached a deal with Trump that would have allowed legal status for those protected under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in exchange for border wall funding — a deal that is apparently now off the table.

“The president, a compassionate man, said, ‘OK, you want to do a deal on DACA, I’ll give you double. You want 800,000 kids’ amnesty, I’ll give you 1.6 [million].’ What did the Democrats do in return? They said, ‘Oh, now we aren’t interested,'” Gorka lamented.

“They don’t care about a deal, it’s about taking down the president,” the former White House adviser continued. “They don’t care about America; they don’t care about the safety of children, of women — they care about power and they are obsessed.”

Take a look at Gorka’s full interview:

Sending a signal

But could a deal between Trump and Democrats come to fruition? One interviewer asked Gorka if the president should be willing to trade amnesty for DACA recipients for border wall funding — but Gorka said the president shouldn’t back down, noting that they refused that offer last year.

“Why did they refuse it? Why did they refuse that already? It’s really — it’s about attacking the president,” Gorka, himself an immigrant, said. “The president has put down a marker. He has sent a signal to all Americans: this is the moment where your representatives choose over American citizens and illegals,” he added.

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“You want to protect Americans, you want to protect the people that are trafficked?” Gorka asked of Dems. “Build the wall, give the president his money.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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