GOP slams Pelosi after House passed funding for border wall

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After President Donald Trump demanded $5 billion for a border wall as part of a new spending bill, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said he didn’t have the votes.

Now that the House has given him exactly what he wanted, several GOP members of Congress schooled Pelosi, telling her, “It’s not 2009 anymore.”

Not 2009 Anymore

Rep. Mark Walker was one of the first Republicans to take the microphone and rub the victory in Pelosi’s face.

“Nancy Pelosi learned two things today. First, it’s not 2009 anymore,” Walker stated.

“Second, hubris is not the same as leadership – you don’t get to march into the Oval Office and dictate your demands without compromise,” he added.

Walker was referring to the much-publicized battle Pelosi and Schumer had with Trump over immigration in the Oval Office.

Both Democrats continued to poke the President repeatedly — yet tried to make it sound as though he was the aggressor in the exchange.

Pelosi all but dared Trump to attempt to get his wall funding through Congress, telling the President, “The fact is you don’t have the votes in the House.”

The president quickly called her bluff, challenging her to have a vote as soon as possible to see who was right.

On to the Senate

The president now faces a much bigger challenge in the Senate, where the legislation has already failed once.

While realizing the Senate does not have the votes the president needs, House Republicans were trying to provide him with enough leverage to get immigration funding passed before Democrats take over.

The clock is now ticking for Republicans to get something done that can be approved by the Senate before they lose their edge in the House after the New Year.

Democrats have not exactly hid what the future holds for Republicans come January.

After several Republicans in the House went after Pelosi, a few barbs were thrown back reminding Republicans the clock is ticking.

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If this administration does not get something passed before the changeover, it is painfully clear our government will come to a complete standstill once Democrats gain the majority in the House.

While they play their political games, it will be the American people that pay the price.

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