GOP senator suggests new approach to selecting Supreme Court nominees: Report

Recent decisions by the supposedly conservative-leaning Supreme Court have created a wave of concern among Republicans in Congress. Now, one of them says it’s time to make a change.

According to Breitbart, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R) is calling on President Donald Trump to rethink his process for nominating justices to the high court.

“I don’t love the idea of just doing over what we have been doing in the past,” Hawley said in a recent interview with Politico, according to Breitbart. “The idea of issuing a new list, if it’s just going to be the same stuff and the same process, I mean I’m not wild about it.”

The senator went on: “When it comes to this whole process, we have to ask ourselves, is this vetting process, is this really working?”

Time for change?

Conservatives once had a strong hold on the Supreme Court. But since the late Justice Antonin Scalia passed away, things have changed — and the GOP isn’t liking it.

According to Breitbart, Hawley asserted in his interview with Politico that rather than allowing a think tank to come up with names, the American people should be more involved in the process of selecting SCOTUS nominees.

“Who actually goes out and votes for judges? It’s conservative Catholics, conservative Jews, evangelicals, Mormons,” Hawley said, as Breitbart reported. “That coalition of folks is vitally important to the Republican Party. I think they feel just shocked at what’s going on with the Supreme Court, so I think it’s vital that they be heard from and involved in this process.”

The senator was no doubt referring to recent rulings by the high court that have left conservatives blindsided. According to USA Today, Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch authored a majority opinion on a decision that gave worker protections to members of the LGBTQ community.

Trump weighs in

In addition to siding with the left on that case, the justices again gave liberals a win with the decision to strike down a Louisiana law that, according to CNBC, would have required “doctors who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic” — a safety precaution that was thrown out with a 5–4 vote.

Reacting to those rulings earlier this month, President Trump himself wondered if “the Supreme Court doesn’t like me.”

Perhaps Hawley is onto something here. If the justices on the Supreme Court keep handing down decisions like these, it may be time to rethink how we put them on the bench in the first place.

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