GOP senator demands Joe Biden ‘cooperate’ with federal probe into his son

Joe Biden caught a lucky break — to say the very least — in the lead-up to the 2020 election thanks to his allies in the mainstream media working in concert to cover up the makings of a wide-ranging scandal involving his son, Hunter. But now, it looks like the former vice president’s luck is finally running out.

According to Fox News, now that it has been confirmed that Hunter Biden is under federal investigation, GOP Sen. Josh Hawley (MO) has demanded that the media-declared president-elect “pledge” not to remove any investigators from his son’s case.

Hawley also reportedly asked the former VP to “cooperate” with the investigation and be available to answer questions under oath, should the need arise.

The news comes as Hunter Biden publicly acknowledged this week that the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware is actively investigating issues related to his personal “tax affairs,” though sources have confirmed that the tax side of the investigation is just one part of the probe.

“Biden needs to pledge today”

With Joe Biden all but set to take over the reins of the Oval Office come Jan. 20, it’s not a stretch for Hawley and others to be concerned about the potential for the former vice president to use whatever powers he has at his disposal to quash the active investigation into his son.

For this reason, Hawley wants Joe Biden to start being transparent sooner than later.

“Joe Biden needs to pledge today that he will cooperate with the federal investigation and answer any questions under oath, and that if he is sworn in as president, no federal investigator or attorney working on the Hunter Biden criminal case will be removed,” the Missouri senator told reporters Thursday, according to Fox News.

Joe Biden has been bombarded with questions about the developing situation in recent days, but so far hasn’t issued a serious response to any reporters other than telling Fox News’ Peter Doocy that he’s “proud” of his son.

The truth comes out

Hunter Biden, for his part, originally came under intense scrutiny from Republicans after the New York Post revealed that the hard drive from a laptop he owned and allegedly abandoned Delaware computer shop contained a trove of damaging and explosive emails documenting his various foreign business dealings.

The Post lamented in a report last week that those revelations — which could have gravely damaged Joe Biden’s presidential campaign — were largely covered up or outright suppressed by both the mainstream media and Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Now, however, the truth is slowly trickling in — and soon, it will all be out in the open.

As the Associated Press pointed out, the investigations into Hunter Biden could toss a nasty wrench into the momentum of Joe Biden’s transition team as they attempt to fill out his Cabinet positions. If the Biden camp wasn’t already scrambling, they’re surely sweating now.

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