GOP Senate hopeful hits back at Biden: ‘Don’t forget your place’

A Republican Senate hopeful out of Michigan humiliated Joe Biden in a video Friday that blasted the Democrat presidential nominee’s attitude toward the Black community.

According to The Washington Times, John James, who is Black, posted the video in response to Biden calling James a “disaster” during a campaign appearance in Michigan with James’ opponent, incumbent Sen. Gary Peters (D).

Biden had accused James of wanting to destroy Obamacare and said to Peters: “Just like your opponent calls it a disaster. Talk about a disaster, there is a disaster. The guy is 2000% or 200%, whatever it is, with [Donald] Trump. I hope everybody remembers” that on Election Day, Biden added, according to the Times.

“You have some serious issues”

James was quick to respond to the attacks on Twitter.

“Joe Biden, don’t forget your place in Black America,” James said, according to the Times. “You’re only where you are because you were Barack Obama’s vice president. That’s it. That’s it. The people who you rely on so desperately for the position you’re in and for the position you want are African Americans, yet you continue to insult us.”

James also brought up some of Biden’s controversial comments toward Black Americans, including when the Democrat White House hopeful told Charlamagne tha God that Black voters who don’t cast their ballots for him “ain’t Black,” and when he asked a Black reporter if he was a “junkie” when the journalist asked him if he took a cognitive test.

“You have some serious issues, Joe Biden, the biggest of which being you were in power for 44 years and Black folks continue to fall behind,” James said, as the Times reported. Take a look:

The bottom line

James’ remarks really speak to the bottom line for many Black voters in this election: if Joe Biden was going to do something to help minority communities, why didn’t he do it decades ago?

Recent polls show that President Donald Trump, for his part, has as much as 24% support among Black voters, which is far greater than the 8% he got in 2016, as The Hill notes.

As far as the Michigan Senate race, James is now within the margin of error in two new polls and is seen as a huge threat to Peters, and possibly to a Democrat majority in the upper chamber, according to Politico.

On both counts, only time will tell.

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