GOP Sen. Kennedy calls on Biden to fire people over economic crisis

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) wants to know when President Joe Biden is going to start holding members of his administration responsible for the economic crisis that Americans have been facing under Biden’s leadership. 

Kennedy called upon Biden to do so during an appearance that he made Thursday on the Fox News Channel’s The Faulkner Focus. 

“D.C. has let them down”

Kennedy began the segment by addressing the rise in violence that Americans have been witnessing, touching, in particular, upon the recent news that an armed individual, with intentions to kill, was arrested near the house of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Kennedy, though, went on to argue that Americans are concerned about more than just the rise in violence.

“It’s not just violence that people are worried about,” Kennedy said. “I think most Americans right now are discouraged. They feel like their government, this place called Washington D.C. doesn’t care about them.”

Kennedy went on to highlight the various crises that Americans have had to deal with during Biden’s administration, ranging from health care, crime, inflation, the border, and more. Kennedy suggested that the failure to address these problems is what has led to the belief by Americans that their government doesn’t care about them.

“They feel like D.C. has let them down,” Kennedy said.

“Biden . . . has given up.”

Kennedy, later in the segment, specifically focused on the economic problems that Americans have been facing under Biden’s leadership.

Fox Business reports:

The Labor Department is releasing the highly anticipated consumer price index report on Friday morning, providing a fresh look at just how hot inflation ran in May. Economists expect the gauge, which measures a basket of goods including gasoline, health care, groceries and rent, to show that prices surged 8.3% in May from the previous year – unchanged from April, but still near a 40-year high notched in March. On a monthly basis, inflation is projected to have increased 0.7%, well above the 0.5% recorded the previous month.

Referring specifically to inflation, Kennedy said, “it’s destroying the American dream,” adding, “we have to address it, and it looks to me like the Biden administration has just given up.”

Kennedy concluded by asking, “when is President Biden gonna start firing people?”

. . . Never.

Despite getting hammered in the polls, specifically because of the economic crisis, Biden and his administration refuse to address the problem. Recently, the Biden administration launched a new campaign in an attempt to convince Americans that the economy is in good shape. It shows just how out of touch the administration is.

So, the answer to Kennedy’s question is likely “never.” The administration’s speech and actions suggest that Biden is just going to continue on as if everything is great.

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