GOP Rep. Ryan Costello says he won’t seek re-election

Are the Republicans really in trouble come election day or are we just seeing the old guard get out of the way?

With Rep. Ryan Costello (R-PA) announcing he will not seek re-election, the threat of the “blue wave” taking over the country is more than a myth now.

Shocking Announcement

The announcement by Costello took many people by surprise.

But, the question everyone wants to know is exactly why he is leaving the race.

After all, he had just filed his petition to run for re-election earlier in the week.

No doubt, the loss by Rick Saccone for Governor played a part in his decision.

Additionally, it has been reported Costello spent some time with the powers that be in the state to see what his chances would be come election day.

If you factor in the possibility of district lines being redrawn, Costello may have felt as though the battle leading up to the election would be all for naught.

Blow to Republicans

The news of Costello not running in Pennsylvania is not just a blow to local conservatives.

His late decision to withdrawal from the race has left the GOP scrambling to find a suitable candidate to replace him.

In fact, with the deadline to run having already passed, Republicans are left with only one possible candidate on the slate.

According to reports, a local attorney, Greg McCauley, is the only person that filed the necessary paperwork prior to the deadline.

Is the Blue Wave Real?

The fact that Saccone lost Pennsylvania was a definite warning sign.

Considering the fact Trump took the state in the presidential election, everyone considered a Saccone victory an afterthought.

Even though it was a tight race, he still obviously lost.

And, as we mentioned above, the redrawing of the district lines will significantly impact how the next election turns out.

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While it may not yet be time to panic, it is surely time for the GOP to sit up and take notice.

The “blue wave” needs to be cut off before it gains any more momentum, or we could be looking at a blue tsunami come election day.

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