GOP Rep. Roy calls for impeachment of Biden, Mayorkas

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) is calling for the impeachment of both President Joe Biden and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to be impeached, the Daily Wire reports

Roy argues that both men ought to be impeached over their mishandling of the southern border illegal immigration crisis.

This comes as the Biden administration, reportedly, is about to let Title 42 expire. Title 42 is the Trump-era division that the federal government has used to expel illegal immigrants during the coronavirus pandemic.

The provision is scheduled to expire towards the end of May, and the Biden administration has signaled that it fully intends on letting the provision expire.

The letter

Roy called for Biden’s and Mayorkas’s impeachment in a letter that he recently sent to Mayorkas. Based on the Daily Wire’s report, in the letter, he mostly targets Mayorkas.

Roy wrote:

Your job as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security — carried out under your oath to defend the Constitution — is to secure the United States of America. Yet, you have purposefully failed to do so,  and in the process, you have empowered criminal drug cartels, impaired the health of Americans, damaged  America’s economic health, allowed illegal migrants to destroy private property, and placed American citizens at imminent risk of physical harm

Roy said that these acts are impeachable. But, he went on to say that even if they are not, letting Title 42 expire would be.

“Even if Congress were to set aside all these previous actions representing a breach of your duty and were to focus solely on the imminent decision you are purportedly planning to take — halting,  particularly at this moment, the enforcement of 42 U.S. Code § 265 (Title 42) authority at the U.S. southern border — we would still be duty-bound to impeach you,” Roy said.


With the Biden administration at the helm, southern border immigration numbers have gone through the roof.

During Fiscal Year 2021, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had 1.7 million illegal alien encounters. Now, in Fiscal Year 2022, America is ahead of last year’s pace.

America is on pace to reach the 2 million mark.

When Title 42 expulsions expire, it is expected that illegal entry numbers will jump from 8,000 per day to 18,000 per day.

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