GOP Rep. McCarthy calls out Biden for lack of leadership amid Russia-Ukraine crisis

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) just slammed President Joe Biden for his lack of leadership amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Fox News reports

McCarthy did so during an interview that he participated in with Fox News Digital on Wednesday, which took place at the House Republican Issues Conference in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

McCarthy’s interview came as President Joe Biden traveled to Europe to meet with NATO to address the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The meeting will take place on Thursday.

Biden’s trip to Europe was the central focus of McCarthy’s interview.

“Too late”

In McCarthy’s opinion, Biden’s trip to Europe, just like all of Biden’s actions regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, is “too late.”

“I think all of his actions have been too late,” McCarthy said. “His actions have created this problem – how he pulled out of Afghanistan, denying American pipeline but providing it to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin – I think it’s too late.”

McCarthy went on to dispel the notion, pushed by the White House, that Biden is successfully leading America and its allies against Russia.

“Europe has united – not because of something Biden has done, but because of what Putin has done,” McCarthy said. “They’re looking for some leadership and, unfortunately, they’re not getting it from Biden.”

“A sign of weakness”

McCarthy provided as an example of Biden’s lack of leadership what Biden warned Americans this week, namely, that a Russian cyberattack may be incoming.

“He warns American businesses that you’re going to be attacked, instead of telling Putin you’re not going to attack us,” McCarthy said. “I mean, that is a sign of weakness. That is making America more vulnerable.”

“Do not warn us. Stop it,” McCarthy added. “That weakness is inviting America to be attacked.”

In the remainder of the interview, McCarthy held up Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as an example of “what leadership looks like.” McCarthy also called for Biden to provide more assistance to the Ukraine, including by following through on Poland’s plan to send fighter jets to Ukraine. There are no signs, however, that Biden will change his current approach to the situation.

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