GOP Rep. Hice uses a dose of reality to stop the Democrats’ ‘victory lap’: video

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) has just destroyed the Democrat narrative that the so-called American Rescue Plan that they rammed through Congress last year is a success. 

Hice did so during a hearing of the House Oversight Committee that was held earlier this month. The title of the hearing was “From Recession to Recovery: Examining the Impact of the American Rescue Plan’s State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.”

The Democrats made it clear that the point of the hearing was to boast about the American Rescue Plan, which they pushed through Congress without any Republican support last year, using the budget reconciliation process. But, Hice quickly put a stop to this.

Here’s the video:

“A farce”

Hice began by taking aim at the Democrats’ argument that they are responsible for creating new jobs.

“It’s amazing to me, Madam chair, that you mention the creation of 6 million new jobs,” Hice said. “It’s stunning that you did not mention the tens of millions of jobs that were lost by Democratic policies to pay people not to work. Nor was mentioned the fact of the millions upon millions of jobs that were lost by the ridiculous vaccine mandates and so forth.”

Hice proceeded to bluntly call the hearing “a farce,” saying, “here we have the Democrats trying to take a victory lap and, quite frankly, they are not even in the race.”

The “booming economy” myth

From there, Hice targeted the Democrats’ “laughable” claim that their policies, specifically the American Rescue Plan, “has created a booming economy.”

Hice said:

I wonder if my friends on the other side of the aisle even look at what is happening in our country. Nobody is buying this argument, nor should they: We have rising energy costs. We have rising rent costs. We’ve got grocery bills skyrocketing. And, we’re going to try to sit here today and listen to the Democrats claim that we have a booming economy?

Hice went on to describe the American Rescue Plan as “absolutely reckless spending, like throwing liter fluid on a bonfire of inflation.” Hice said that “now we literally have a wildfire of inflation,” which he attributed to “a toxic brew of bad Democratic policies, trillions of dollars in spending for pet projects, and liberal wishlists a mile long.”

Before finishing, Hice also dispelled the notion that Democratic policies are responsible for the rising unemployment rate. Hice argued that this is only happening “because Democratic policies like paying people not to work and enforcing vaccine mandates that kept workers off the job . . . are finally coming to an end.”

Hice concluded: “There are so many other things that this committee should be spending its time on, but, quite frankly, time is a resource, and, like money, Democrats are more than happy to waste it.”

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