GOP rep. calls off reelection bid after joining the Dems on gun control

Breitbart News reports that Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-NY) has just announced that he will not be pursuing reelection. 


The simple answer is that he no longer has the support of his fellow Republicans now that he has come out in favor of some of the gun control policies being advanced by the Democrats.

“I would vote for it”

Just last week, following the Texas school shooting, Jacobs all of a sudden revealed that he is in favor of several gun control measures.

“I want to be completely transparent of where I am in Congress,” Jacobs said. “If an assault weapons ban bill came to the floor that would ban something like an AR-15, I would vote for it.”

Jacobs, at the same time, indicated that he was in favor of limiting the magazine capacity of a gun, of preventing civilians from purchasing certain kinds of body armor, and in favor of several other gun control measures.

The whole thing came as a huge surprise for several reasons, not the least of which is that in 2020, Jacobs received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association. Almost equally surprising is Jacobs’s decision to call off his reelection bid.

“The last thing we need”

Jacobs announced his decision on Friday.

“I truly believe I could win this election, but it would be an incredibly divisive election for the Republican party and the people of the 23rd District,” Jacobs said.

He added, “the last thing we need is an incredibly negative, half-truth filled media attack funded by millions of special interest money coming into our community around this issue of gun violence and gun control.”

As Jacobs stated, he more than likely would have been reelected, at least before he joined the Democrats on gun control. Since then, however, he has faced a huge backlash from Republicans. Donald Trump Jr., for example, tweeted:

“Republican” @RepJacobs already caved to the gun-grabbers whose proposals won’t do a single thing to protect our families & children from criminals & murderers. He knows this but he can’t resist getting a few glowing headlines from the mainstream media.

At least Jacobs, though, has the decency to call it quits. There are others who insist on not only remaining in Congress but remaining in Congress as Republicans despite joining the Democrats on several issues. Jacobs, in this regard, seems to be proving himself to be a step above the rest.

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