GOP uses Biden’s own words against him in new campaign ads

The Biden administration has given GOP critics plenty of material for negative campaign ads — and many Republicans have already begun capitalizing on the opportunity.

According to the Daily Wire, the Republican Party and individual candidates have released a number of ads targeting Biden’s first seven months in the White House, with special attention to three specific issues.

Ads focus on Biden failures

Campaign ads released thus far have generally hinged on the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, the sagging economy, or the chaotic situation in Afghanistan.

This week, the GOP released an ad calling attention to the fact that Biden repeatedly claimed the Taliban would not take over Afghanistan in the weeks leading up to that very uprising. The piece also highlighted the president’s vow that Americans in the war-torn country would not have to be rescued, as the Daily Wire noted. Watch below.

The ad asserts that Biden has been largely missing in action during the unfolding crisis, including his vacation at Camp David when the Taliban captured Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul. More recently, he has avoided questions about the situation in an attempt to shift the focus to other issues.

Former President Donald Trump released his own ad, which begins with Biden’s promise that “America is back.”

Using his own words against him

From there, the ad documents evidence to the contrary, including the state of the economy, the border, and COVID-19. It ends with a clip of the president stumbling up the steps as he attempted to board Air Force One.

Following a segue into the Afghanistan debacle, Biden is shown saying that “diplomacy is back,” followed by a news report declaring that “the Taliban is back.”

The video ends with a woman in tears, asking: “You call yourself president?”

Of course, the notable factor in these and other attack ads aimed at Biden is that he practically wrote them himself.

Using his own words in contrast to the outcome of his administration’s policies provides stark proof that exposing Biden’s failed leadership does not require special editing.

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