GOP Moves to Impeach Philadelphia’s Controversial ‘Soros District Attorney’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Larry Krasner has been the district attorney in Philadelphia for years already and has been part of the movement among prosecutors to “reform” criminal law.

The results have shown, in his district, a 93% rise in fatal shootings from 2015 to 2020. Carjackings are at a record 1,000, just this year.

So members of the GOP in the state legislature are promising to do something about that: impeach Krasner.

Fox News reports Republicans in the state House have filed articles of impeachment against Krasner, one of the first progressive and “reform” minded prosecutors funded by billionaire George Soros.

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“We will do the right thing, where we do not believe the district attorney has,” explained Kerry Benninghoff, the majority leader in the House.

A recent report on crime in the district explained, “[M]ost troubling to the Select Committee is what happens after arrests are made — the DAO’s prosecution, or lack thereof.”

Nearly two-thirds of cases involving those arrested for homicides, non-fatal shootings, rapes, robberies, and assaults either were withdrawn by Krasner’s office or dismissed in court.

And only the percentage of guilty dispositions has plunged.

“Declinations of arrests also increased significantly when Krasner took office,” Fox reported. “The report said that according to a study by the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center that examined declinations of narcotics, retail theft, and prostitution arrests from 2016 to 2018, there was a rise in the percentage of declinations of arrest in all cases ‘especially in 2018,’ Krasner’s first year.”

Rep. Martina White, a sponsor of the articles, pointed out recent eruptions of crime, including when five teens shot at a football scrimmage, a store “ransacked by nearly a hundred teenagers,” and the shooting of three Philadelphia SWAT officers.

“These are the consequences of District Attorney Larry Krasner’s failure in office,” White announced. “He has been derelict in his obligation to the people of Philadelphia and this Commonwealth.”

Krasner already has launched a defense, claiming that the review of his work is political.

He blamed the situation on homicides and violent crimes increasing “all over the United States.

The Philadelphia Tribune said the articles accuse Krasner of negligence.

White, in a news conference, explained under Krasner’s policies, “Criminals are being let back out onto our streets. The district attorney’s office has been declining to prosecute these criminals by withdrawing nearly 70% of all cases at its peak. The rates of total case withdrawal or dismissal in Philadelphia have nearly doubled under Krasner.”

She said homicides are up 78% under his tenure.

Articles of impeachment can be approved by the full House through a simple majority vote. A trial in the state Senate would follow, and a two-thirds vote would be required there to remove him from office.

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