63% of GOP voters say party should be more like Trump than Romney

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) likes to pretend he is the conscience of the Republican Party.

Well, Romney got a rude awakening when a new poll showed that 63 percent of GOP voters prefer Trump’s Republican party over that of the likes of Mitt Romney.

Get Off Your High Horse

During the 2016 presidential election, Mitt Romney did everything he could to remove Trump from the top rung of the ladder. However, Romney seemed to do more harm than help because every campaign he touched ending up going up in flames.

He started with Kasich, then worked his way through Rubio and Cruz, then finally managed to help Trump win the election by throwing his support behind Hillary.

Now that Romney managed to win a Utah Senate seat, he is once again stumping against Trump, but this time he’s undermining Trump over the decision to pull troops out of Syria.

The poll, which was conducted by Rasmussen and published on Wednesday, asked 1,000 likely GOP voters who represented the Republican Party better, Trump or Romney. It is a pretty safe bet everyone involved was surprised when 63 percent said they preferred Trump’s GOP to Romney’s GOP.

More Problems for Romney

The fact of the matter is that Romney’s political future is in real trouble. Conservative Americans these days do not take kindly to being lectured on what they should believe, which is what Romney does every time he opens his mouth.

There are several social media movements in the works already trying to get Romney removed from office, and the latest poll results prove this is more than just a bump in the road for Romney.

A Y2 Analytics poll that was conducted for UtahPolicy.com showed that the majority of Utah voters disapprove of the job Romney is doing. That poll was taken before Romney ripped Trump for the Syrian troop withdrawal, so those numbers are probably far worse today.

It was also recently revealed that Romney had a secret Twitter account he was using to troll Trump, which is only going to hurt his trustworthiness even more. Romney thought he was being slick, but the Twitterverse has taken to calling him a “lurker,” a term that is not sitting well with Romney, who called it “a new low.”

Mitt Romney needs to understand that he is not in office to push his own agenda but rather to represent his voters, something he is clearly not doing.

Liberals might tolerate that approach but conservatives clearly do not, so Romney had better change his tune soon or his political career will be over.

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