GOP leaders warn ‘Florida’s Supreme Court is at stake’ in state’s gubernatorial election

Florida conservatives know the entire future of their state may change dramatically over the next 48 hours.

Not only is the governor’s office at stake — since the winner of the state’s gubernatorial race will appoint three new state justices to its Supreme Court, the court itself is up for grabs this Tuesday, according to state GOP leaders.

Importance of Election

Conservatives in Florida are hammering social media this week to encourage everyone to get up off their couch to case a vote for Ron DeSantis.

His Democrat opponent, Andrew Gillum, is seen as a significant threat to the entire future of the state.

If Gillum wins, it will mean more than just four years of Democrat rule in the state.

Since three state Supreme Court appointments hang in the balance, the state would see some fairly dramatic changes in its laws.

Specifically, conservatives are very worried about what Gillum will try to do to immigration laws.

Additionally, he has an extensive anti-police record.

DeSantis has been exposing Gillum’s record as a mayor and his horrific crime record to drive that point home to voters.

The GOP candidate has called Tallahassee “the most crime-ridden city in the entire state of Florida.”

The Race

Democrats have been concentrating on Florida in an attempt to turn a key red state to blue before the next presidential election.

A new NBC News/Marist Survey has indicated all of their efforts have started to make an impact.

In the latest results, Gillum has actually surpassed DeSantis by five points.

That number is just outside the margin of error, creating just a bit of panic in Republicans.

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With the numbers creating some concern, President Donald Trump made his way to Florida this past weekend to give DeSantis a boost with voters.

Just as the president himself stated, this election is just as, if not more, important than the 2016 presidential election.

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