GOP Leader McCarthy says Biden’s policies have ’emboldened all the evil leaders of the world’

Fox News reports that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has accused President Joe Biden and his administration of having “emboldened” the world’s bad actors, including Russia. 

McCarthy did so during an appearance Sunday on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends Weekend.

“Emboldened all the evil leaders”

During his appearance, McCarthy was asked how Biden’s policies have emboldened Russia.

“It’s not just emboldened Russia,” McCarthy said. “It’s emboldened all the evil leaders of the world, and it started on day one: It’s [Biden’s] executive actions.”

McCarthy went on to explain himself. He said, “remember, a strength of a nation is not just your military, it’s your ability to have energy, it’s your ability of economics.”

Biden, McCarthy continued, “weakened America’s ability on energy and who did that empower? That empowers Iran, Venezuela, and Russia. That’s where they get their wealth.”

“Then the way he extracted us from Afghanistan, saying that he would not leave until every American was out, and two weeks later, he left,” McCarthy said. “That sent the wrong message around the world. And then when he gave Putin the pipeline and denied America the pipeline, they saw more weakness.”

Nailed it

Of everything McCarthy mentioned, arguably the most important point is the one that he made about Russian energy. Although NATO has placed a number of sanctions on Russia, the one sanction that has yet to be issued is one on banning Russian oil.

The Biden administration has steadfastly refused to place a ban on Russian oil imports despite the fact that it is helping to fund Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. The administration has claimed that it doesn’t want to take this step because it would hurt America and its allies more than it would hurt Russia.

This, however, is becoming a more difficult position for the Biden administration to maintain given its inherent logic, and given that a number of Democrats have come out in support of the ban. Now, the Biden administration is said to be in “active” talks with countries in Europe about banning Russian oil.

There is little doubt that those talks involve a discussion on how the West would cope without Russian oil, which accounts for roughly 3% of America’s import of oil and over 40% of Europe’s. One of the common-sense answers is to increase oil and gas production on U.S. land. But, the Biden administration and the left have been resisting this because it goes against their “climate change” agenda.

In other words, the left’s climate change agenda is at odds with the West’s attempt to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. And, so far, the climate change agenda has been given priority, allowing Putin’s bloody and illegal invasion to continue.

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