Former state GOP leader kills mom’s dog, tells police he is Jesus

There is another scandal tied to a former GOP leader, but this time it is not sexual.

Todd Kincannon shot his mother’s dog and claimed “God” told him to do it.

Short Political Career

Kincannon had high hopes, but his political career was cut drastically short.

He briefly served as the state GOP executive director for South Carolina almost ten years ago, then simply disappeared from the political world.

His name was out of the headlines until last week.

God’s Voice

When police were called to Kincannon’s parents’ home, they were horrified by what they discovered.

Outside the home, Kincannon was standing in plain view, covered in blood.

Inside, they found the family pet that had been stabbed multiple times, dead.

When Kincannon was questioned about the murder, his answer was somewhat disturbing.

“I know I’m the second coming of Christ, and I got a command from God to do it,” Kincannon stated.

Losing It

Kincannon has apparently been going off the tracks for some time.

Back in 2015, he lost his license to practice law after being arrested for domestic violence.

At the time, he blamed the incident on cough medicine that had been prescribed to him.

Prior to that, he drew the wrath of the Republican Party when in 2013, he claimed it was a “shame” a veteran that was anti-war had not “come home in a body bag.”

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This is clearly a man that has mental issues.

And, while we are saddened by the death of the pet, it is a good thing police were able to get him into custody before his delusions caused him to take a human life.

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