GOP lawmaker pushes bill to launch widespread election audit in Texas

Amid an ongoing election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, a similar recount could soon be coming to Texas.

One state congressman has reportedly advanced a bill that would result in a forensic audit of the November presidential election results in some of the biggest counties in Texas.

“Texans want to know more”

State Rep. Steve Toth introduced the measure last week on the same day a group of Texas Democrats boarded a plane bound for D.C. to deny the legislature a quorum needed to vote on an election reform bill.

The bill, officially labeled HB 241, is being referred to as the Texas Voter Confidence Act.

Toth explained that his motivation for introducing the measure came during conversations with constituents who voiced concerns about the recent election.

“The Texas Voter Confidence Act is a product of those meetings and a direct request from voters who sent me to Austin,” he said. “Texans want to know more about the claims of voter fraud and deserve to have confidence in their elections.”

If successful, Toth’s bill would require state leaders to appoint an “independent third party” to conduct a forensic audit into the 2020 election results, though it would not be a statewide effort.

“Any anomalies or discrepancies”

Included in the recommended recounts would be the 13 counties in Texas with a population of more than 415,000 residents.

Toth calls for the audit to take place between Nov. 1 and Feb. 1, with a report to be submitted to Texas officials by March 1. That report would include information about “any anomalies or discrepancies in voter data, ballot data, or tabulation.”

Although former President Donald Trump won the state with about 52% of the vote, Biden attracted more votes in many of its cities and suburbs. Among the 13 counties included in Toth’s bill, Biden won 10.

The audit would focus on a number of possible factors in the election results, including allegations that private funding from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and others helped propel Biden to victory in those states. Toth envisions auditors determining whether there is any truth to such claims.

With Texas Democrats still out of town, it remains unclear whether the bill stands any real chance of becoming law.

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