GOP lawmaker blames Russia-Ukraine war on Biden’s ‘weakness on the world stage’

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) is placing the blame squarely on President Joe Biden’s shoulders for Russia’s decision to continue waging war on Ukraine, Fox News reports

Donalds did so during an appearance on Saturday on the Fox News Channel’s Cross Country. 

‘Weakness on the world stage’

During his Fox appearance, Donalds argued that, with regard to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Biden has been “leading from behind,” if he has been leading “at all.”

“Joe Biden has been leading from behind and frankly not leading at all when it comes to the Russian incursion into Ukraine,” Donalds said.

The congressman went on to recall the fact that Biden, initially, called for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to leave Ukraine.

“People need to remember: Joe Biden’s White House wanted Volodymyr Zelenskyy to get on the airplane and leave Ukraine,” Donalds said. “It was Volodymyr Zelenskyy [who] told the White House, ‘I’m not leaving. Just give me ammo.'”

“And so, what we have seen in the United States is weakness on the world stage,” Donalds said. “Vladimir Putin knows this, and that’s why he’s continuing his offensive in spite of the valiant resistance from the Ukrainian people.”

The latest

We are nearing the 50-day mark of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an invasion that began on February 24. The Ukrainians have managed to fend off the Russians thus far, but the country is suffering massive losses in the process.

Zelensky, for example, reported on Monday, that the city of Mariupol, in his words, “is destroyed.” He said that “tens of thousands [of] people [are] dead but Russians are still continuing the military operation.”

He also said that Biden is “the person” who could finally put an end to the Russian onslaught. Zelensky revealed that he has provided Biden with a “list” of things that his country needs to survive.

“He has the list,” Zelensky said. “President Biden can enter history as the person who stood shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian people who won and chose the right to have their own country.” Zelensky added that “unfortunately” he doesn’t “have the confidence that we will be receiving everything we need.”

Biden has yet to respond to Zelensky’s statement.

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