GOP highly likely to impeach Biden if party regains control of House and Senate in midterm elections

It was revealed Thursday that President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19, but that diagnosis has not halted the speculative talk about what, exactly, Republicans might do to hold the president accountable if they regain majority control of the House and/or Senate in the upcoming midterm elections.

In fact, on the same day that Biden’s illness was announced, the Conservative Brief reported on the likelihood that Biden will almost immediately face multiple congressional investigations and impeachment if the GOP takes back control of the House.

Of course, such an effort by a Republican-led House would merely be symbolic unless the GOP also controls the Senate and would actually hold a trial on any impeachment articles passed by the House, and even then, it seems unlikely that 67 senators — who would necessarily include several Democrats — would vote in favor of Biden’s conviction and removal from office.

GOP signals impeachment of Biden once they regain power

Newsweek reported last week on the growing consensus that President Biden will almost assuredly face an impeachment effort if Republicans are able to win back the House, as predicted, as well as the Senate in November’s elections.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) caused a stir in January when he asserted that there were already “multiple grounds” on which Biden could be impeached and appeared to vow that impeachment would be swiftly pursued in the event that his party reclaimed control of Congress.

That was seemingly confirmed in April when Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) insisted that, once the GOP was back in charge again, the House Judiciary Committee would “hold the hearings to determine whether impeachment is appropriate. We’ll vote on impeachment. And then it will be presented to the full House.”

The outlet further pointed to recent polls that showed that approximately two-thirds of Republicans wanted to see Biden impeached next year and more than half of Republican voters believed that a future impeachment of Biden was, for all intents and purposes, already a done deal once their party was back in charge of the House.

Multiple reasons to impeach Biden

So what, exactly, would President Biden likely be impeached for? The latest potential charge, according to the Conservative Brief, are reports that nearly a million barrels of oil that Biden has foolishly released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, ostensibly to help lower high gas prices, was sold to a Chinese government-owned company with alleged financial ties to a U.S. firm founded by the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

Numerous Republicans in Congress were already sharply critical of Biden’s draining of the nation’s strategic reserve, and the allegations that his son may have financially benefited from the sale of that precious reserve oil intended for Americans to the Chinese have been deemed an “impeachable” offense.

As Sen. Cruz noted in January, however, there are “multiple grounds” upon which an impeachment case could be built, with one example being Biden’s apparent refusal to enforce border security and immigration laws amid a historic influx of illegal migration and drug trafficking, while another is Biden’s disastrously fatal and horrifically botched withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

Other possible reasons for impeachment include Biden’s alleged corrupt knowledge and involvement in his son Hunter’s dubious foreign business dealings, his openly waged war on the nation’s domestic energy production that has directly contributed to high gas prices and inflation, and the increasingly evident weaponization of the federal justice system to target and harass his political opponents, to name just a few.

Of course, while it may seem inevitable that a prospective GOP House will attempt to impeach Biden, Newsweek noted that such a move may come with political costs among voters, could further polarize Congress, and could be dismissed as mere partisan “point scoring” or meritless retaliation for the two failed impeachments of former President Donald Trump — that is, if the GOP establishment even allows an impeachment effort to get started in the first place.

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