Likely GOP House majority has several investigations prepared against the Biden administration

The much-hyped “red wave” of Republican victories did not sweep the nation during last Tuesday’s elections, and while it even appears as though Democrats slightly increased their slim majority in the Senate, it still seems more likely than not that the GOP will gain majority control of the House, albeit by their own slim margin.

What that sort of situation means in practical terms is that a Republican-controlled House will serve two major purposes over the next two years — blocking whatever progressive legislation the Democrat-controlled Senate tries to push while holding President Joe Biden’s administration accountable with investigations and oversight, Breitbart reported.

Unfortunately, the coming congressional partisan gridlock also means that no matter how deserving Biden and his cohorts might be, any sort of impeachment and removal efforts against the president or his Cabinet members will be dead on arrival in the Senate and a complete waste of time and resources.

GOP likely to gain control of House

To be sure, control of the House of Representatives has yet to be officially determined, though it has become fairly clear by now that Republicans will have won a sufficient number of seats to surpass the 218-member majority threshold, NBC News reported on Monday.

There are still around a dozen uncalled races, mostly in California, but the network has projected that once all of the races have eventually been finalized, the GOP will likely hold a 220-215 majority over the Democrats, with a margin of error in that projection of around three seats.

NBC News noted that House Republicans have already begun to hold closed-door meetings on what their leadership team and committee chairs will look like in the coming term, though the question of who will succeed apparently outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) won’t be determined until after the new Congress is seated in early January.

House Republicans have a lot of investigations planned

The Daily Signal reported last week that, given the likelihood that Republicans would gain control of the House, the Biden administration should expect to immediately come under significantly sharper scrutiny than it has received for the past two years under the friendly Democrat-controlled House.

First and foremost among the likely probes will be one of Hunter Biden and other Biden family members and their dubious domestic and foreign business dealings, specifically with regard to whether any of those deals with foreign individuals and nations compromised national security, not to mention the level of knowledge and possible participation or benefits gained on the part of President Biden.

A GOP House would also investigate the details of the Biden administration’s apparent failure to adequately enforce border security and immigration laws, as well as the deadly debacle that was Biden’s abrupt and seemingly ill-planned withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Also subject to probes would be the Big Tech companies, particularly with regard to any connections to communist China as well as alleged collusion with the administration to censor and silence online critics and dissidents.

Then there is an expected and long-overdue investigation of the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, including whether it came from a lab in Wuhan, China, whether U.S. taxpayer funds were used to create the deadly virus, and whether certain top U.S. officials, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, were aware of the “lab leak” origin but falsely asserted otherwise to the American people.

Finally, a Republican House will almost certainly sharply scrutinize the alleged partisan weaponization of certain federal agencies, such as the IRS and Justice Department, among others, and expose to accountability any top officials deemed to have inappropriately used the power of the government to target and harass or punish President Biden’s political opponents.

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