Michigan GOP headquarters vandalized

Liberals are once again trying to use threats and intimidation to get conservatives to cow to their demands.

Over the weekend, the Secchia-Weiser Republican Center in Michigan was attacked by vandals with an anti-Ice sentiment…

Stop Being a Part of the Problem

Laura Coz, who is the Michigan GOP chair, stated she will not allow such actions to intimidate anyone in this organization.

Furthermore, she chided them for being so destructive rather than coming to the table with real solutions.

Cox stated “This criminal act by the radical left will not intimidate me or my staff.

“[Donald Trump] is working to fix the crisis at our border and this deserves serious discussion, not graffiti.”

Nothing Has Changed

While Democrats in office and liberals are putting the onus of the problems at the border on Trump, that is beyond misguided.

The fact is, many of these policies were put in place during both the Obama and Bush administrations. Trump inherited this mess, he did not create it.

Furthermore, the Democrats are encouraging the problem at the border right now with their constant defense of illegal immigrants.

Tony Zammit, Michigan Republican Party Communications  Director, stated, “Many of the policies being pursued by the federal government were being pursued by (former President Barack) Obama as well, and this type of violence and was not used. We’re left cleaning up another liberal mess.”

Democrats can say what they want, but they do not want this issue solved right now. If the issue gets fixed, they have nothing to rail about any longer and Trump wins.

Even at the cost of holding up humanitarian aide with poison pills, Democrats will do whatever is necessary to keep this narrative running for as long as possible.

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